Allergy FAQ

Allergic reactions in pets vary wildly, some causing mild sneezing fits and others inducing more severe health problems. If you need an emergency vet in Pinson, AL, we at the Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic are ready to heed the call.

Hopefully, you won’t find yourself in a situation where your pet needs emergency care anytime soon. That said, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for that. Check out the questions listed below, so you can learn more about the allergic reactions your pet may exhibit.

Allergy FAQ

How Can You Tell if Your Pet Has an Allergic Reaction?

Pets exhibit allergic reactions in a few ways. First, they may start scratching the part of their body irritated by the allergen. Then, in some cases, they may begin to scratch all over. Your pet may also start sneezing. If the sneezing fit lasts for a while, it’s likely due to an allergic reaction.

Allergens can also affect your pet’s digestive system. For example, they may start vomiting or have a fit of diarrhea due to their allergic reaction.

What Commonly Triggers Allergic Reactions in Pets?

Allergic reactions are common because the allergens trigger cats and dogs in most households. Dust particles and insects commonly cause them. The animals mentioned above are susceptible to irritation caused by insects and common household plants. Consult with your veterinarian to minimize your pet's exposure to allergens.

Should I Worry about Food Allergies?

Food allergies are not as common as the environmental threats we’ve discussed, but they can still cause problems.

If your cat or dog starts to act strange after you give them some table scraps, you should consider heading to an emergency vet immediately. Pets may also react to food allergies by scratching all over, having a sneezing fit, and experiencing diarrhea.

Can an Emergency Vet Cure Your Pet Immediately?

Whether the veterinarian can quickly control your pet’s allergic reaction depends on the allergen that caused it. Most environmental allergens are easy to counter. After the vet gives your pet some medication, they should return to normal.

Food allergens are harder to deal with. Since the complex components stay in your pet’s body length, their effects may also linger. Your pet may need treatment for a few weeks in that scenario.

Secure Emergency Care for Your Precious Pet

If your pet exhibits telltale signs of an allergic reaction, you should take them to the Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic. Visit our Pinson, AL clinic anytime your pet is dealing with a severe problem. Call our hospital today at (203) 681-1700 to schedule an appointment.

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