Orthopedic Surgery

An Overview of Orthopedic Surgery from Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic

When pet owners take in an animal, they need to make sure this animal has access to the right healthcare services. This is where the team from Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic can come in handy. While it is important for pets to make sure they have their annual visit on-time every year, there are emergencies that are going to come up from time to time. This includes problems related to orthopedic surgery. The team from the Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic is here to make sure that everyone in the Clay area understands the basics of how orthopedic surgery works in a veterinarian clinic.


What is Orthopedic Surgery?

For those who might not know, orthopedic surgery is the area of medicine that specializes in bones and joints. This surgeon is the one who is going to reset broken bones, repair torn ligaments, fix muscle tears, and perform joint replacements. In the field of veterinary medicine, an animal might require an orthopedic surgeon if he or she breaks a bone in an accident or suffers a ligament tear. When a pet requires an orthopedic surgeon, this can place the owner under a lot of stress. We want everyone to know the basics of this surgical procedure and what the recovery process is like.

What is the Recovery Process Like?

On the day of the surgery, the pet is going to be brought back to the operating room. once there, the pet undergoes anesthesia to be placed to sleep. This is important for making sure the pet stays still during the operation. This will also alleviate any pain or discomfort. Then, the surgeon will complete the procedure. The pet is then taken to a recovery area where he or she will wake up in a calm environment. When the pet is ready to go home, there will likely be a cast in place. This will allow the bone to heal over a period of several weeks. Then, the pet will return for follow-up visits to make sure the recovery is progressing exactly as it should.

Trust the Team from the Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic

When a pet needs to have surgery, it is normal for pet owners to feel worried and concerned. The team from the Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic is here to make sure that everyone in the Clay area has access to high-quality orthopedic surgery services. This goes a long way toward helping pet owners and their pets feel more comfortable. Rely on us to take good care of your pets. Please call us today at (205) 681-1700 to learn more about our services and how we can help you. We would be honored to provide healthcare services to your family.

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