Kidney failure in Dogs

Pet dogs can succumb to kidney failure. It is a frightening ailment that can take away your furry friend before you can fully grasp what is happening. If you need an emergency vet in Pinson, AL, we at the Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic are ready to help.

Symptoms of kidney failure in dogs may include excessive urination and extreme thirst. As your dog’s kidneys continue to shut down, they may start losing their appetite and become more lethargic. Learn how to identify that problem faster by continuing with the rest of this article.

Kidney failure in Dogs

Understanding the Causes of Kidney Failure in Dogs

Renal failure in dogs can be attributed to numerous causes. Some of these causes are long-term concerns while others may be introduced by unfortunate incidents.

For instance, some dogs develop kidney problems because they had congenital issues to begin with. Managing the congenital issues could prevent kidney failure, but dogs that have them are still more susceptible to the aforementioned medical emergency.

Dog kidneys also become weaker as they age. Monitor your pet’s behavior closely as they age so you can detect those potential issues as early as possible.

If your dog is the type to taste or eat just about everything they come across, they are also more vulnerable to renal failure. Your dog may suffer from kidney failure after they lick chemicals on the side of the road or consume toxic substances left on the floor.

Your canine companion may also experience renal disease after ingesting contaminated water. The bacteria in the water may start wreaking havoc inside your pet’s body and kidney failure may be the result of that.

Keep a close eye on your dog and note any changes in their behavior that could be attributed to the sudden emergence of kidney disease.

What an Emergency Vet Can Do for Your Pet

Our veterinarian may immediately run diagnostic tests as soon as they see your pet. He may conduct urine and blood tests to confirm that your dog has failing kidneys.

After confirming that your dog is experiencing kidney failure, our veterinarian can provide emergency treatment. He may start by providing fluids to flush your dog’s system while simultaneously hydrating them. Our vet may follow that by giving your dog medication.

At this point, your dog may have to stay at the clinic so they can be closely monitored. Additional fluids and medication may be provided if needed.

Address Your Pet’s Condition

We at the Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic will do what we can to help your pet that is suffering from kidney failure. Drive to our Pinson, AL, location or call us at (205) 681-1700.

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