Preventative Care


Preventative medicine is a healthcare method practiced around the world in caring for humans and animals alike.  It is based on the goal of preventing diseases when possible or early detection of diseases to allow for the best prognosis possible before advanced disease processes are evident.   The following are just a few of the ways that your veterinary team at Clay Chalkville Animal Clinic practice preventative medicine:

-Biannual Physical Exams: Remember that your dog or cat ages at a much faster rate than you and I. It is important that your pet be seen on a regular basis to insure that all of their physical parameters are within normal limits. (Aging Chart)

-Immunizations: Your veterinary team will recommend the best vaccines for your dog or cat to receive annually. (Feline / Canine)

-Bloodwork:  Your veterinary team will advise you on what blood work your pet needs at every stage of life.  Bloodwork is very helpful in sick animals, but can be helpful even in healthy pets for establishing a base line or in the early detection of diseases or illnesses.

-Diet: Your veterinary team will be glad to discuss the type of diet recommended for your pet in each life stage.

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