Preventative Care

Providing a family’s furry companion with the highest standard of medical care is a lot more than just a business to us. We know how important your pet is to your family, and our focus, like yours, is to keep the pet community safe and healthy. Our veterinarians at Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic prioritize continuing their education and adhering to high standards to keep our methods and treatments at their most effective. We want to ensure that pet owners understand the role and importance that preventative care has in providing a happy and healthy life for their pets.


Wellness Exams

When your pet comes in for a routine check-up, we can easily spot areas of concern because we know what the animal’s baseline appearance and behavior look like. We also stand a much greater chance of diagnosing a problem at an early stage, sometimes even before the animal shows signs of feeling ill.


Serious and sometimes deadly diseases can pose a substantial risk to dogs and cats. Even pets that spend most or all of their time indoors can pick up bacteria or viruses. Keeping up with immunizations gives your pet the best odds of surviving any contact with a dangerous disease without lasting impairments and many times without even becoming sick. Vaccinations introduce the body to a small, safe dose of the germ so that the immune system can start building its defenses before possible contact.


Based on your pet’s individual case, environment, and habits, or if there are any physical or behavioral concerns, our veterinarians may recommend a few diagnostic tests for suspected diseases. These tests offer an informative window into how your pet’s organs are functioning and can reveal problems beneath the surface before any outward signs appear.

Geriatric Pet Care

Just like humans, our furry friends’ systems show wear and tear as they age, and they need to be looked after more closely. An animal’s eyesight and hearing can start to fail, arthritis may develop, and weakening of the immune system may leave your pet more susceptible to disease. We know that even older pets still have a lot of love to give and with the proper quality veterinary care they can continue to do so for years to come.

Preventative Pet Care in Clay, AL

Our team at Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic is here to help your furry friends stay safe and healthy. If you live in or around Clay and would like to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians, call us today at (205) 681-1700.

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