Heat Stroke & Dehydration

The Dangers of Dehydration and Heat Stroke

The dangers of a hot summer day can take a toll on pets. Whether it’s playing outside in the sun or the sweltering interior of a car, dehydration and heat stroke are dangers that all pets face. At Clay-Chalkville animal clinic, we love animals and provide care for pets in Clay, Pinson, and Trussville.

Signs of and Solutions to Pet Dehydration

Your pet may like playing outside. Maybe your cat likes to nap in the sun. Encourage your pet to drink water on hot days to prevent dehydration. Also provide your pet with shade if he’s going to be outdoors for any prolonged period of time. If you notice any of the common signs listed below, your pet may be suffering from dehydration.

  • dry gums
  • dry nose
  • excessive drooling
  • loss of appetite
  • loss of skin elasticity
  • panting
  • thick saliva
  • vomiting

To check for loss of skin elasticity, gently hold some of your dog's skin near his shoulder blades. Raise the skin and let it go. If it quickly falls back into place, your animal is hydrated. If the skin takes longer than usual to fall, your pet is dehydrated.

Move your dehydrated pet to a cooler place. Give him cold drinking water and encourage your pet to eat a little wet food. If your pet is vomiting, he may be low on electrolytes. Drinks such as Pedialyte contain electrolytes. Contact our veterinary office for the correct dosage to give your furry friend.

Pet Heatstroke

Heatstroke occurs when your pet's body temperature rises above a specific temperature. Healthy body temperature for both dogs and cats is 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures higher than 104 degrees can be fatal.

Bring Your Pet to Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic

At Clay-Chalkville Animal Clinic, we can help you help your pet. If you believe your pet is suffering from heatstroke, our veterinarian is here for you.

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